Keepa Review

The more you buy products at a discount, the more you keep on shopping or save money. Who wouldn’t want that? But the biggest problem is that we are missing deals on our favorite products all the time because we aren’t constantly checking Amazon for price drops. And to make sure we never miss a deal ever again, that is where Keepa comes into the mix.


Keep on reading this Keepa review to find out what it is all about.

What Is Keepa?

Keepa is a price tracking tool that you can use to track the prices of Amazon products that you are interested in. You can set a threshold, which is the minimum you would be willing to pay for the product, and the tool will send you an alert once the price is at or below that threshold. New Amazon Keyword Research Tool Keyword Scout from AMZ Metrics, get the most reliable keywords database.
The notifications will be sent to you through email, Facebook or Telegram.

And Keepa can track all products except for eBooks and other products with strict marketing regulations. Also, you can only track prices for products that are available on the US, Canada, UK, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Australia, China, Japan and India Amazon stores.

Currently, Keepa is tracking over 1 billion products. So you are guaranteed that whatever product you want to track, you will be able to find it.

Keepa Features

Keep has four main features that you will constantly be using: Deals, Track, Apps and Data.


Instead of going to Amazon and manually searching for deals in specific categories, Keepa does this for you through the deals feature. Once you click on a product, you will be able to see the “Amazon Price History” graph. By looking at the trends in prices, you can determine whether the price of that particular product will go up or down.

Once you decide that is the product you want to track, you can just navigate to the “Track product” tab, enter the threshold price and click on “Start Tracking”. You will be asked to either login or continue as a guest. You will also be asked which method you prefer the alerts to be delivered in.


This is a place where you can check the products you are tracking. You can remove items you don’t want to continue tracking here as well.


Keepa has a browser extension that you can install for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge browsers. Once you install the extension, you will be able to track products without leaving Amazon. The Keeps Chrome extension is the most widely used Keepa extension, and you can download it here .


In Data you will find the following interesting tools to use:

  • Product Finder : This is a database with millions of products and filtering tools that allow you to zero in on the specific product you want to track.
  • Product Viewer : This allows you to import and export a list of products and analyze the data at a glance.
  • Best Seller List : This provides a list of the best selling items on Amazon arranged by category.
  • Top Seller List : This provides a list of Amazon’s top-selling merchants.
  • Category Tree : This contains all of Amazon’s categories and subcategories, allowing you to perform deep product searches on Amazon.
  • Keep API : This API contains advanced product tracking tools, such as live pricing and availability, customizable price history chart, third party seller metrics and extensive Buy Box information.

Keepa Pricing

You can use most of Keepa’s functions freely to track products. You can begin tracking products even if you have not registered an account with them. However, to unlock more Keepa Amazon features, you need to register for an account. For example, if you are not logged in, you won’t be able to access the Data features.

The only part of Keepa that you need to pay for is the Keepa API. And you can start using it for €20 a month. This gives you 20 tokens a minute, but one token is all you need to get a product’s complete data set.

how to use keepa

Final Thoughts

Keepa is the tool to use if you never want to miss another deal on Amazon ever again. All you have to do is find the product, set the threshold and wait for the notification that the price has dropped. Even though there is a premium API that allows you to do more, most people should be satisfied with the free features.